Sunday, March 15, 2009

Great Start to a St. Patty's Day

Charles and I had a wonderful Saturday. We spent it playing Scrabble and eating dinner with our dear friends, Linda and Tim. They were kind enough to introduce us to an Irish band named Barleyjuice.
A little Rock mixed with a lot of Irish tradition--that's Barleyjuice.I am a huge fan of Irish music. My brother and I are going to Ireland in April and I can't wait to experience more of this music.

The band played a multitude of instruments. I am not musically talented, but I love to listen. How can one person play the guitar, keyboard, drums, bagpipe, whistle, accordian----?????
They do wet their whistle with the brew. Maybe that is where they draw their strength. Even the mascot Saturday was two fisted.

I could have listened all night.

Visit their website and enjoy. My favorite songs are Celtic Girl, Weekend Irish and What's Up Yours.