Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

August 28th was my mater's birthday. She passed away six years ago and we all miss her greatly. She was a wonderful mother and grandmother . She had an extremely difficult life, but you would never know it. She had a great laugh and zest for life. She made all her children feel loved and important. She was my best friend. My brother Bob and I always meet on her birthday, visit the cemetery with flowers and balloons and then head to Fells Point.
Fells Point is where she met my father. Right in this building. They were 18 and 23 and were in a play and feel in love. Bob and I had a drink at the Waterfront which is right across the street and appetizers at Mele. It was a nice way to reminisce.
We were going to the Ravens game but because of the weather, went to a sports bar instead and had dinner and watched the first half of the game. And then we had a good time driving around Baltimore in search of Friday's weird object, but my camera and computer wouldn't co-operate in time to post it. These were my finalists. This sculpture above, man-woman, is a hot bed of contention in Baltimore, People either love it or hate it. It is a slice of a man with the slice of the woman running through creating a four sided object. It is not bad, just in the wrong place. It resides in front of the Penn Station. Architecture and a statue so modern just don't go together.My second thought was the Karyn Monument. It is striking and odd all at the same time, but then I thought something honoring so many who died, just wasn't a right decision for a weird object.

But then what did we see a-- duck on land. It was one of the duck tour boats/buses. It can go on land and travel by water. What a way to see the sights! So I will go with that. And I want to thank Bob for his patience. It was a fun way to end the day.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Our family went on it's yearly outing to Caledonia State Park. We all meet at the park and spend the day along the mountain creek picnicing. The park has absolutely everything you need for a picnic. The State Park is full of picnic areas, playgrounds, ball fields and trails that surround the mountain stream that winds it way through the park. The AppalachianTrail runs through the park and they have miles of hiking areas with all levels of difficulty.
The stream was quiet today but we have seen it at times really rolling. There is a waterfall upstream and downstream there are some areas deep enough to swim in.
We have been having these outings since I was a little girl. My mother's family escaped to the Pennsylvania mountains in the summer and discovered the park.
We only took the granddog today. Left the two big boys at home. But Bailey really loved the water and seemed to enjoy the company.
There is a huge pool if you're interested, but I prefer the stream.

It was the best kind of day--beautiful weather, plenty of food, and good friends and family. Can't wait until next year!

Friday, August 22, 2008

weird object friday activity

This weird object comes courtesy of my sister in law, DianaNow some of you may recognize this foot from my previous blog report from the shore. But, this blog entry really could use any foot because this blog entry is entitled "crazy foot".

Point your foot out in front of you. Keep an eye on it. Now, create clockwise turns with your foot. Concentrate--make sure you are making circles. Now use your right hand. Trace a figure six in the air. You can't help it--crazy foot.

My foot can't help but start moving counter clockwise. Can yours?

Sunday, August 17, 2008


It was one of those weekends when you do a lot of different things.

My husband finished taking out the stump to the huge evergreen in our backyard. Lots of hard work. Our RV finished the job for him. He couldn't quite tip it, so he tied it to the RV and had it do the last of the pulling. Now what do we do with the space. I am thinking a raised herb garden but I am not sure. Anyone have any ideas?

The local farmers market had an Heirloom Tomato Festival. There were a dozen different Heirlooms available for tasting. UMMMMMMMMMMMMM.
They also had a small recipe book with taste tasting of those recipes.These below were my favorites. I am going to try and get seeds. My husband bought me three different types of seeds when he went to California in June. I can't wait to start them next year. The Master Gardeners were very kind and gave me some hints.

Our two wonderful friends, Linda and Tim, came over on Sunday. Tim and Charles put up an awning. Linda and I weeded the pond garden. I had let the weeding go too long and was a bit overwhelmed. Linda is a dynamo in all she does and I couldn't have done it without her. She and Tim are dear friends. Swimming and Scrabble followed the yard work. We had a nice dinner. We grilled steaks and vegetable from the garden. We had tomato caprese. The tomatoes and basil were also from the garden. Linda brought deviled eggs and desert. A good time was had by all. Friends and family make all the difference in your life.I was very worried about the society garlic. It has come back over the last couple of years and I thought it was a perennial, but the Hacienda Shiloh owner told me it was not. It must have seeded and come back. We had the foilage this year, but were not getting the flowers. But here they are, back again. Better late than never. They are a really pretty flower, but they have a strong garlic taste and smell. You can use them in salads.
..and finally--the dogs had their usual good time outside while we worked.

Riley watched over the yard.

Bailey and Flynn played "who can stare the longest" and had a great time running around.
Hasn't the granddog gotten bigger. She is up to 25 lbs. She is the fastest dog I have ever seen and she can jump so high, straight up. My daughter leaned over the fence and picked a tomato in the garden today, looked up and there was Bailey in front of her. She had jumped the fence.

Everyone have a good week.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

weird object saturday,otherwise known as weird object friday for procrastinators

I had a great visit to the Carroll Arts Center's Tevis Gallery. They had a Member's Exhibit that was spectacular. Who knew all these talented people lived nearby.'Vonnegut' , mixed media by Will Landon. I read in the Carroll County Times that he was inspired by "Breakfast of Champions" and how humans are mind controlled by a greater being.
This is '3 Faces of Clay' by Jeannette Dowling. I think they could join our coffee cup companions exposed in a past weird object display.
Having had Ravens training camp break this week, I thought this was appropriate to display.
Margaret you will love this, it is a felted wool vase.
This was my favorite. I could never wear it, it needs a long neck and I am not too sure about a snake around my neck. But it really is eye catching.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

On our way home from Wildwood, my husband and I(he came up for the weekend) went to Smithville. They have relocated numerous historic old homes to a snall town in New Jersey. Each house is rented out to a storekeeper. They have an Irish store, English Store, Specialty Animal Shop, Bakery, Soap Maker, Winery, Cheese, Jewelry and my favorite the Angel Shop.
They have a lake where you can rent paddle boats or compete with minature bumper boats.
Cook's Corner has everything you would ever want for the kitchen. They even roast their coffee beans on site.
..along with every cooking gadget made. These are a few of their cookie jars. They have hundreds.
I love the Tomasville Winery. It has the most delicious ice wine I have ever tasted.
The store even grows some of the grapes.

We hit a storm on the way home. I didn't catch the lightening(too scared to open the window). But I love a good storm. What a way to end a fabulous week.

Friday, August 8, 2008

weird object friday from The Shore

As we all seem to be animal lovers, I thought I would have a traditional "Shore" pet as my weird object this Friday.
You can take home your own hermit crab. I remember doing this as a child. But..
..when I was a kid, the shells were never painted fancy colors and you couldn't by them their own condominium or palm tree.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

wildwood boardwalk

Spent the evening up on the Boardwalk.We had dinner at Sam's. They have the best pizza and birch beer on the Shore.The Boardwalk is two miles full of stores, games, rides and restaurants. Better watch out while you're walking. 'WATCH THE TRAM CAR PLEASE"

I ended the night with my traditional Lime Ricky.

..another perfect day at the shore.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

wildwood at night

I love the lights. ..and the rides...

..and the hotel at night. It is peaceful and you only hear the crashing of the waves. What a way to fall asleep.

And, Margaret, this is for you. My foot at the beach, minus a sock. Love, Gerry

Monday, August 4, 2008

...these are a few of my favorite things...

One of my favorite places in the world, Wildwood NJ. There is nothing like the Jersey Shore--and that coming from a Marylander is sacrilege. Most Marylanders head to the "ocean"--Ocean City, MD, but we have always traveled to the "shore" My brother, Bob, has always been kind enough to take us to the Wildwoods. My older brothers took Bob, me and my Mom when we were little. A tradition was born. And Bob took my kids when they were small. We fully expect the kids to take over the tradition one day. The sounds and smells of the ocean, bay, and boardwalk are rejuvenating for me. My brother and daughter picked out our current hotel when she was a little girl. We were having a streak of bad weather and they decided we needed a change. They went around till they found the perfect one. It has something for everyone and is right on the beach. We come back to same hotel, same room year after year. I always look forward to this trip. . There are so many funny and tender memories of my mother here.The Port Royal, Room 319. That is where you will find us.
I love to sit on the balconey and people watch. You can see all the happenings.

We usually start the day with a bike ride. The Wildwood Boardwalk is two miles long. We always start in the Crest make our way up the Boardwalk, go about a mile beyond to the inlet and double back--quite a workout every morning. We have breakfast out, hit the beach all day and then it is off to the Boardwalk or a neighborhood basketball game at night.
My daughter is coming up tonight to spend a couple of days. My son, Sean, can't make it this year. He is still living in Austin and we miss him mightily. But, I will have a Lime Ricky(the most refreshing drink ever) and take a ride on the Great White(best wooden roller coaster) for him.