Sunday, August 10, 2008

On our way home from Wildwood, my husband and I(he came up for the weekend) went to Smithville. They have relocated numerous historic old homes to a snall town in New Jersey. Each house is rented out to a storekeeper. They have an Irish store, English Store, Specialty Animal Shop, Bakery, Soap Maker, Winery, Cheese, Jewelry and my favorite the Angel Shop.
They have a lake where you can rent paddle boats or compete with minature bumper boats.
Cook's Corner has everything you would ever want for the kitchen. They even roast their coffee beans on site.
..along with every cooking gadget made. These are a few of their cookie jars. They have hundreds.
I love the Tomasville Winery. It has the most delicious ice wine I have ever tasted.
The store even grows some of the grapes.

We hit a storm on the way home. I didn't catch the lightening(too scared to open the window). But I love a good storm. What a way to end a fabulous week.

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Jen said...

I think there is a town in every state named after me. lol
Looks like fun!