Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

August 28th was my mater's birthday. She passed away six years ago and we all miss her greatly. She was a wonderful mother and grandmother . She had an extremely difficult life, but you would never know it. She had a great laugh and zest for life. She made all her children feel loved and important. She was my best friend. My brother Bob and I always meet on her birthday, visit the cemetery with flowers and balloons and then head to Fells Point.
Fells Point is where she met my father. Right in this building. They were 18 and 23 and were in a play and feel in love. Bob and I had a drink at the Waterfront which is right across the street and appetizers at Mele. It was a nice way to reminisce.
We were going to the Ravens game but because of the weather, went to a sports bar instead and had dinner and watched the first half of the game. And then we had a good time driving around Baltimore in search of Friday's weird object, but my camera and computer wouldn't co-operate in time to post it. These were my finalists. This sculpture above, man-woman, is a hot bed of contention in Baltimore, People either love it or hate it. It is a slice of a man with the slice of the woman running through creating a four sided object. It is not bad, just in the wrong place. It resides in front of the Penn Station. Architecture and a statue so modern just don't go together.My second thought was the Karyn Monument. It is striking and odd all at the same time, but then I thought something honoring so many who died, just wasn't a right decision for a weird object.

But then what did we see a-- duck on land. It was one of the duck tour boats/buses. It can go on land and travel by water. What a way to see the sights! So I will go with that. And I want to thank Bob for his patience. It was a fun way to end the day.

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Jen said...

That is so nice to set aside a day too remember your mom like that.
Your WOF is the best pick of the three. That car/boat sure is an advertising tool.