Sunday, March 15, 2009

Great Start to a St. Patty's Day

Charles and I had a wonderful Saturday. We spent it playing Scrabble and eating dinner with our dear friends, Linda and Tim. They were kind enough to introduce us to an Irish band named Barleyjuice.
A little Rock mixed with a lot of Irish tradition--that's Barleyjuice.I am a huge fan of Irish music. My brother and I are going to Ireland in April and I can't wait to experience more of this music.

The band played a multitude of instruments. I am not musically talented, but I love to listen. How can one person play the guitar, keyboard, drums, bagpipe, whistle, accordian----?????
They do wet their whistle with the brew. Maybe that is where they draw their strength. Even the mascot Saturday was two fisted.

I could have listened all night.

Visit their website and enjoy. My favorite songs are Celtic Girl, Weekend Irish and What's Up Yours.


Margaret said...

Just the kind of music to make my Irish blood stir! Looks like a really fun time.

I like the new banner with the pups, too.

gerry said...

Thanks Margaret. It feels good to be back.

Elise said...

Happy St. Patrick's day!

Ben said...

Welcome back to Blog land, and that band looks like a great time. I am always impressed by people who can play anything (or at least most things...) they pick up. And I like that Irish, Celtic sound, too.