Monday, May 25, 2009

i love this season

All is right with my world when my indigo comes into bloom. My husband and I worked the garden for the last three days. We cleaned the pond, weeded the lilacs, and tended the veggies.
All the perennials made it through another winter. This is a memorial garden on the side of our house for our beloved golden retreiver, Alex.

My daughter and I fill the other spaces of our property with flowers and herbs.
Our dogs enjoy this season also. They frolic in the backyard every day.
This is my Riles. Riley is getting up in years and weight, but still rules the yard.
This is Bailey. She is a wonder. She leaps and runs and darts. She is quicker than any other dog I have ever seen. She is very shy, but is working hard to overcome it. She is my daughters, but I think we have adopted her. We have come to love her very much.
Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day. Thank you to all troops and veterans!


Elise said...

Your garden is beautiful. I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend. - Pigeon

Ben said...

It looks like things are getting into shape there! We've put in some time out in the yard, too. Seemed like it took forever to get to this season!

Margaret said...

Hey Ger-
I tagged you on my blog. You may not want to tag 6 other people, but the list is fun to make..