Sunday, June 7, 2009

busy week

The week started out with a puppy injury. Bailey cut her paw pad. Poor little thing. I took her to work with me and she huddled under my desk. It took a couple of days but she is doing much better.

I promised not to do this again this year. I KNOW, but I am a tomato addict. They are something I cannot resist. My husband and I worked the backyard this weekend. It is never ending. I can't imagine what it must be like for a farmer, we only have 1/3 acre.

I was serious about being addicted. I have no more space for my seedlings. Charles gave me three packs of heirloom seeds from a trip to California and I didn't expect them to do so well. Even the back porch has been commandeered.

I am very pleased with the pond garden. But then I always am. Just reminds me of my mom. I actually enjoy weeding in there. Lots of time to remember wonderful days spent with her.

My friend, Linda, is a wonder with plants. I was the happy recipient of some of her perinneals. She was thinning her beds. I always have trouble with that. She keeps reassuring me that it is healthy for the plants. I even had to have my husband cut back the new plantings. But Linda was right, new flowers have opened up.

My yard pleases me. There are a couple of quiet little areas for reading and talking.

This is one of the lavender plants I got at the lavendar festival with Margaret and JoAnne last year. The festival is coming up again in a
couple of weeks. Can't wait.

We made a big change in the front of the house. We took out two big evergreens and three dying bushes and lightened up the look.

The columbine are out. Alex's garden is in full bloom.

And sadly, we learned our favorite nursery, Carroll Gardens, is closing. It just can't hold on in these difficult times. We bought three lilacs today and planted them. The owner is so knowledgeable and helpful. Keep your fingers crossed for a miracle! Where will I get my vegetable plants and flowers?

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Ben said...

You would get along well with my wife, Linda. She's out in the yard, checking up on the flowers and assorted other plants every day. It pays off too - lots of blooms!