Thursday, November 13, 2008

margaret's challenge

Margaret challenged us to think of 5 things you would NEVER catch coming out of our mouths.
Well, here goes:

1. I am never going to eat another tomato.

2. No, I can't do that for you.(although I am working on saying no)

3. I am glad I don't have any dogs.

4. Ice cream, no thank you, never eat it.

5. I prefer Ocean City over Widlwood.

What are your five things???????????>


Margaret said...

Good ones, Gerry! Fit you to a T!
Thanks for taking the dare.

Jen said...

Number 2,3,and 4 would be on my list too.

Elise said...

I share your problem with #2. One time my husband posted a sign on the phone that said "Just say no" It helped a little.