Monday, November 10, 2008

relaxing weekend

This weekend was my annual "girls weekend". Each November we take the long drive to Western Maryland to meet at Rocky Gap in Cumberland. It is a wonderful drive--full of beautiful leafy scenery and mountains. I love to drive it.

Rocky Gap is a resort tucked away in the mountains. We get a lakeside room and have a slumber party.
Saturday morning we take a five mile hike around the lake. One side of the lakeside loop is basically level, but the other side is quite hilly. I love the walk but the back of my legs are talking to me this morning. We didn't see much wildlife this year, only a couple of chipmunks. We did see some bear prints, but thankfully missed those making them. We also saw evidence of busy beavers.
Part of the trail reminds me of Dorothy's walk through the woods in The Wizard of Oz.

There is a golf course that winds through the property. I am not a golfer but I am told it is a great course.
The lake is not a natural one, but you can't tell.
At the end of the trail, is an aviary. They treat the wounded.
My friend, Linda, has a special relationship with the birds. The ones below seemed to communicate with her.

It was a fantastic weekend and I am thankful for the friends I shared it with.


Elise said...

You took me there with your words. Thank-you!

Margaret said...

I would love to go there some time. It looks so relaxing.

Jen said...

Looks like Beaver are there too.
Glad you had a good time and have good friends to go away with like that. That type of trip is always rejuvinating.

Ben said...

That's my kind of place. I think I've seen that place from Route 68 - am I right? Down the hill to the right as you head west? I've always wondered about that resort. Looks great. (Fortunately, I have to go to a meeting at an Ohio State Park lodge in two days. Your blog sorta psyched me up even if I'm inside at a conference 90% of the time)

gerry said...

Ben, yes it off 68. If you ever have a chance to go you should. I go with the girls, but it would be romantic place for a getaway weekend.