Wednesday, May 27, 2009

tag you are it-challenged to name six

unimportant things that make me happy
1. Tomato season- need I say more!2. The refreshing taste of a lime ricky every August after a hot night on the Wildwood boardwalk.

3. Baltimore sports!

4. My mother's blue casserole dish for macaroni and cheese. Doesn't taste the same in any other dish.
5. Having a deposit work out correctly. Margaret and I post a lot of insurance payments at work. When you prove to the penny the first time-ahhhhhhh.

....and last but not least
6. The dogs greeting you at the door. Happy to have you home. Even if you just left five minutes ago.


Margaret said...

Good ones, Gerry!
And I agree with the one about proving out.
I like tomato season too, because my dear friend always has too many and gives me a few...(not mentioning any names but..)

Elise said...

I just bought one of those "seen on tv" topsy turvy tomato planters. I'l let you know if it lives up to the hipe. Your macaroni bowl reminds me of ceramic pieces I have that were my moms. I should do a post on them.

Dee said...

Yep .... there is NOTHING better than a tomato fresh from the vine!

Love your pups --- they are adorable!

Jen said...

Hey Gerry
good list and keep smiling!

Ben said...

Nice selection. I can identify with some of them - like having books balance to the penny (a rarity!) - and I still have great memories of Orioles games. And of certain dishes my mom prepared. No clue, though, about a "lime ricky"...