Saturday, April 12, 2008

Busy Day at Home

It was a busy day at our house this morning. I spent the morning weeding outside. It was very productive. Got out all the those old winter leaves and weeds. The perinneals are just starting to pop out of the ground. I enjoy watching their progress. I am most pleased to see a new plant I purchased last year start to come up. I had never seen an Indigo plant before. I found one last year at Hacienda Shiloh an herb farm I like to visit. They always have something a little bit different to offer. They have a wide variety of garlic and I just love to go and explore. I got some lime basil one year that was absolutely great in TexMex dishes. The indigo was so pretty. She had just dug it up from their garden and I took it home. I didn't know it's hardiness and I was pleased to see new growth after clearing out the leaves today. If it flowers, I will post it.


Elise said...

What are the names of the plants in your pictures?

gerry said...

The first is a quince. It has pretty pink blooms and then gets a rather tart fruit used to make jelly with strawberries. When growing up, my brother had a nun who would give anyone a Hershey bar who broght her Quince flowers. We had a huge bush in our backyard so my brother got quite a few bars. The purple is phlox and the other is our flowering tree out front. I am not sure what it is, some sort of crabapple. Plants bring me such a feeling of contentment. I love to watch them grow.