Sunday, October 26, 2008

Are you ready for some football

Well the day didn't end up like I imagined, but it was a great day nonetheless. My daughter was supposed to be my football buddy, but she got called in on a client emergency. My friend, Karen, who is also a Raven fanatic, was kind enough to go with us.
The Ravens start every game with an honor guard. They have the same gentleman sing the National Anthem every week. Today they had a satellite hookup with a Maryland National Guard unit serving in Irag. The Guard did a flyover and the unit in Irag said a few words. Karen and I were all teared up. It was a very touching presentation.
Next, come the fireworks. The opposing team first comes out and then the Ravens are welcomed onto the field with blazing fires and fireworks. Quite a production. It was a great game. The defense has always been good, but this year we even have an offense.
Lets go, Flacco!

Tomorrow, Sean heads back to Austin, but today he is all ours.


Elise said...

Great picture of you and your son. Did the Raven's win? The Browns won today and we are all shocked.

Margaret said...

I'm so glad Karen went with you!! Looks like you guys had a great day.

gerry said...

Yes, the Raven won. Glad your Browns did too!

Margaret we had a really great time. Thank you for supplying her number. The weather, company and game were perfect.

Jen said...

Good day for football fans!
Glad your son is doing well to travel.

Ben said...

Glad we are all civil here about our teams winning, because next week the BROWNS PLAY THE RAVENS.