Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Random thoughts

Puppy progress. Since Bailey has come into our lives, she has been hesitant to have anyone hold her. She occasionally lets you pet her, but only on her terms. She will come up and settle next to you, but don't reach out, she will jump. The vet thinks it is because she lost her mother so early. Well, for the past week or two she has liked being held and petted late at night. Niki has been patient with her and it is really paying off. I love this season. I trimmed back the front yard, and the remaining Autumn flowers ...

..have had lots of visitors.
This little flowerbed welcomes bees, moths, grasshoppers and crickets.Charles and I had to take the RV for servicing. The trip to the dealer takes us through the beautiful Carroll County countryside. The colors are out and there is a nice crisp feeling to the air.

My daughter Niki has a small tattoo on her hip. It is a little shamrock. Our last name is Irish and it was a strong personal statement for her. She had it done about 8 years ago. My mom loved lilacs and Niki wanted to add a couple of lilac petals around the shamrock in remembrance.We have talked about this for six years.

So when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she decided it was time to go for the lilacs. I wanted to have a lilac too, but never had the nerve. So I took her to Little Vinnie's, a shop we knew that was sanitary and had talented artists.Chris created a design, but I am the one that ended up with the tattoo. Niki's artist had a bad day with a difficult client and they decided to put it off.

It was not a comfortable procedure, but not too bad. It takes a couple of weeks to heal. The picture doesn't do the coloring justice and it is still swollen, but I am happy with it. I know it sounds silly to a lot of people, but it is a nice reminder for me of my mom. The tattoo may be on my ankle but the remembrance leads straight to my heart.
And lastly, but certainly not leastly: If you all could keep my cousin, Kathy, in your prayers. She is in Johns Hopkins and could use some positive energy. Thank you all. Gerry


Elise said...

My daughter has a cat who was rescued from abuse. She only loves Megan and has not warmed up to any other humans. It sounds like you're having better luck with Baily. I hope your cousin Kathy feels better soon. I will keep her in my thoughts.

gerry said...

Thanks for the thoughts, she really could use some good news.

It is a beautiful sight to see Bailey curled up next to my daughter. Niki is very conscious of her own personal space and seeing the two of them together is very heartwarming.

Margaret said...

That moth is interesting looking.

Freedom of expression (even on an ankle) is a good thing.

Jen said...

good to hear Bailey is coming around. They are like people and need their space too.
Your autumn view are pretty, love going for drives to see the sites of the colors, too bad it is only here for a short while.
TATTOO!!! You are brave I wouldn't let my hubby and son talk me into it when they did theirs. It does look nice. :)
Prayers for Kathy going up.

gerry said...

Jen, I never thought I would be brave enough either. But as they say--never say never.

Jessica said...

I'll remember Kathy in my prayers. Hope she feels better soon.

I think your tattoo is great. And I love the meaning behind it. Tattooing is a very personal thing and it certainly is popular. Being a nurse I see many tattoos but I am always amazed at the artistic beauty behind some of them.