Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday storm

Started the night just enjoying the backyard. The honeysuckle is finally starting to grow up the trellis.
My indigo is going strong.
The yarrow is coming alive.
Then, out of nowhere, a storm came across the backyard. Thunder and lightening. The dogs were not thrilled.

But the interesting thing--it wasn't raining yet on the ground,but my camera picked it up. The pictures looked like snowflakes. I wish it was 34 instead of 85 degrees.


Margaret said...


gerry said...

I will make sure you get some.

Elise said...

Pretty picture with the honeysuckle and the trellis. Yarrow is another plant I have never tried. I am getting so many good ideas seeining what everyone here in this blog ring is doing!

Jessica said...

I love spring and summer storms. Beautiful photos.

I just got a honeysuckle plant from my Mom's plant swap. I hope mine looks like yours someday.

gerry said...

The yarrow seems to be indestructible. And if you keep cutting the flowers, it just keeps going and going.

The honeysuckle took awhile to take. I don't quit have the knack yet but am working on it.