Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Update

The indigo is closer to blooming than I thought. I don't know what it is about this flower that I like so much. It intrigues me for some reason. It has tall stems with delicate bluish-purple small blooms. The color is just calming and spiritual to me.
Alex's flower bed is starting to come out. The double blossom columbine at the top of the blog will soon be blooming.
I got a new camera and was experimenting. I am not a good photographer and was looking for a camera that was idiot proof. I think I found it.
My husband starting opening up the pool.
We started weeding in the pond area. This is closed off from the dogs. Just a little place to meditate and get away from everything. I love reading here. I planted it in memory of my mother. My brothers and I were given the opportunity to be raised by a wonderful woman. She once gave all four of us the same tee shirt. It said "Mom loves me best". That is how she made all of us feel. I'll post a picture when it blooms. It is full of color and is bordered by four lilac bushes which were her favorite flowers.


Margaret said...

Definitely post when the indigo opens up.

Ben said...

We had a cold and fairly wet weekend. I was lucky to get the lawn mowed. Congratulations on all the progress you folks made!

gerry said...

I really enjoy working in the weeds. Indigo is almost there