Wednesday, July 2, 2008


My husband and I are making progress in the basement. We still have baseboards to install and paint. Rugs and furniture to add, but the ping pong and air hockey table are ready and waiting. I am extremely pleased with the bathroom. We have plenty of storage now that Charles has created so many closets.My brother and I made our way down to Camden Yards last night. Our first stop, of course, was Pickles. A favorite hangout for Oriole fans before and after the game.It really is a beautiful park. Thunder storms were predicted, but the weather held out. It was 80 with no humidity. It was a great night.
I love these seats. You really have a good perspective.
... and of course the Old Bay crab game. Where's the baseball?????
It was George Sherrill tee shirt night. And he co-operated by getting his 27th save.

Put another game in the win column. Go O's!


Margaret said...

I like that last picture of the guy cheering. It says it all.

Jen said...

Hi Gerry-
I'm Jen. Just wanted to let you know I am Part of WOF now--so if you are inclined and have the time, please come by.
We are in Cincinnati Reds territory, we get to a ball game about once a year. Are they batting 0 this year? I know they are pretty bad.

Ben said...

I believe it is time for me to reconsider being a Cleveland Indians fan and returning to my first love, the O's. The Tribe cannot buy a win this year. So am I a fair-weather fan? Yeah, guess so. (Though the Indians' stadium, by the same team that designed Camden Yards, is also a jewel).

gerry said...

Margaret, he was very energetic the entire game,but it was exciting for everyone.

Jen, welcome to WOF. cant wait to see your entry tomorrow.

Ben, I have been to your stadium and it has a very similar feel. When I went Indians were playing the Yankees so it was very easy to route for the home team. Your parking was much easier.