Friday, July 4, 2008


I was thinking about W.O.F. this week. As I was looking around the office I realized that all of us have a weird object that is near and dear to us. Here are a couple of my co-workers.

We have a lizard lover.

A girl with attitude A rising star.

Ferguson protects the corner of the office. There is an ongoing argument as to whether he is a griffin or a gargoyle.
The Bop IS a tazmanian devil.
This dinosaur roars when you push the top of her head.
Our eyes often get cross-eyed from all the paperwork.
We are all animal lovers, no matter what kind.
If you knew our office, you would find it very easy to name the objects' owners. Each one fits their personalities exactly.


Margaret said...

I recognized every one! Who knew we had such a collection of WOF's..

Elise said...

I work in an office with no character at all, and it's an art center! you guys are lucky to have such a fun group.

Jen said...

Funny - I guess we all have a little weirdness in us.
I use to display Maxine on my desk--then people were afraid to talk to me. Ha!

gerry said...

Everyone has issues with their jobs at times, but our office is very lucky in the fact that we all are allowed to be a little "weird" as long as we get our work done. It is a fun place to work.

Jessica said...

Being able to personalize your work space makes it much more bearable to work. We have lockers at work since we have to change into scrubs for work so we all decorate and personalize our lockers.

That's a great idea... to post about work stuff. I'll have to keep that in mind.

Ben said...

Wow, extra points for all the Weird Objects in one post! Unfortunately, I used up my office weird stuff a couple months ago.

Sean said...

Ferguson has to be a gargoyle...He cannot be Griffin as they have the body of a lion and Wings/Head of an Eagle.

Debate solved!

gerry said...

Thanks Sean, I win.