Monday, July 7, 2008


My family took a trip down to the Eastern Shore of Maryland Sunday. Rock Hall was our destination. My nephew, Mike, has lived on the Eastern Shore for many years. He makes a living as a karaoke DJ(Mikey G). Lisa, his new wife is a longtime resident and since he has a popular act, they know so many people. He and Lisa, decided to do a "Rock Hall" wedding.

How many people have a boat paradge at their wedding?...or a dunking booth?

The festival had all sorts of Eastern Shore specialties.

It was nice to see family enjoying the day together.
My brother and his wife drove up from Richmond.
My daugher and brother.
My husband and I. The groom and his mom, Nancy. The groom's dad is on the right.

Sunday was the end of the Waterman's Festival-- a yearly celebration on July 4th weekend. They give prizes for fast boat docking and anchor throwing. They have a boat regatta with prizes for the most patriotically decorated workboat. Mike and Lisa grabbed that award. Although I think they did have an unfair advantage--they were the only one with a boat made up as wedding chapel. Well Lisa and Mike had the ceremony on the boat at the dock following the boat parade. It really was perfect and the most well matched wedding with a couples' personality that I have every attended. Best part, shorts were the attire of the day. At the end of the service, family and friends headed back to Mike and Lisa's backyard for a crab feast. I have never seen so much food. As the festival ended, more townspeople showed up to the backyard. Anyone was welcome. My nephew said that if you have ever nodded a hello to someone, they know they are invited. That is the way of life in Rock Hall.
The wedding party.

Finally, I do!

The crabs, of course, were great! Along with barbecue, chicken, hamburgers, macaroni, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh corn, and so many other dishes. Everyone seemed to show up with a caserole of some kind. The beer, soda, and liquor were flowing. Their backyard is set up as party central. Horseshoes, pool table, hot tub, and of course karaoke. The party lasted until late at night.

I am very happy for Mike, he has had a long road and now has truly found his perfect soul mate.

Mike's son was his best man and gave a sweet toast.

Best wishes for a continuation of the wonderful life you have!


Jen said...

Congrats to the happy couple!
Looks like a lot of fun and food!!
So nice to put a smiling face with you now too. :)

Ben said...

Part of me wants very much to live in Rock Hall, just based on this one blog!

Elise said...

What a perfect day. I love attending nontraditional weddings. It's nice to see people making a statement about who they are and sharing that.

Diana said...

Looks like all of you had a great time!! Congrats Lisa and Michael.

Jessica said...

Congratulations to the happy couple. That looked like an awesome wedding. And Wow... the crab feast!!