Friday, June 13, 2008



Composting is a tradition in my husband's family. His dad had a huge compost pile in the back of his property. He grew everything. Great tomatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, onions, grapes, blackberries, along with the best asparagus patch I had every seen. It was fertilized by the compost pile. He put all the yard trimmings (stubborn weeds or infected plants he left out)and all kitchen scraps, not animal based. Especially good were coffee grounds and egg shells. (something to do with the nitrogen vs carbon)

We compost here on a smaller scale. But once we got the dogs they interfered with the pile and we thought we would have to stop. For Father's Day one year, I found this miracle composter. It made it so much simpler and cleaner and the dogs ignore it. We just keep it loaded with all the same ingredients. It's like Composting For Dummies. The container is even marked. It has a whole for air and water. You roll the thing around the yard. One flat end turn at a time. It gets very hot quickly but doesn't have an odor. It is amazing how fast the full container decomposes.

At the end of the season my husband tills the composted material into the soil. It really has done wonders for the soil and helps keep the clippings and scraps out of the landfill.


Jessica said...

I bet you can grow the best things with that compost!!

My mother buys "mushroom" compost for her gardens. She gets it from some place that actually grows mushrooms and they sell the compost when they are done with it. My Mom says it her miracle soil!

Happy growing!!

Elise said...

Great post! Thank-you for all the great information!

Ben said...

Interesting device. We have a pile in the back yard and toss stuff like melon rinds on it. I like that compost "cage" of yours, though.

gerry said...

We had a mushroom farm for years near us. They also did that. The fertilizer started with sterilized horse manure from the thoroughbreds raised in Hunt Valley MD. The mushrooms were wonderful.

This miracle composter has been a great addition to the yard. I even had Margaret rolling it this morning.

Margaret said...

Who need croquet, when you can have a good old compost roll on the lawn?