Saturday, June 21, 2008


Nothing went as expected today. Car troubles cancelled a trip out to Ellicott City with a dear friend. My daughter offered to take me, but she was on call for work and had a crisis. So I, of course, spent the afternoon with other visitors in the gardenKatidids, I think these rival your spider crickets. I didn't know I had these in the backyard.The rue is growing nicely. Don't know what to expect. But I will report if I get butterflies.
The basil is doing nicely, pesto is right around the corner.
I am ready for grilled zucchini....

...and fresh cucumbers for the salad... ...and, of course, the TOMATOES!

My husband got home and we headed up to one of my favorite places, Hacienda Shiloh. It is an organic herb and garlic farm near Gettysburg. I usually go up a couple of times a year. Early summer to pick up herbs and plants for the garden(this is where I got the indigo). A very knowledgable woman by the name of Marda, a California transplant and am I glad she came, owns the establishment. She always has something different. I was lucky to get some of the last of the lime basil. It is great in salsa. After July 4th the garlic is usually ready to be harvested and that means the next trip. She has all sorts. I never realized how good garlic was. It is nothing like the supermarket bulbs. The tastes are superb, rich and full. She also sells every herb and tea imaginable .

We picked up some garlic scapes to tide us over until the parent bulbs are ready to appear. Used it for the guacomole and the hamburgers tonight. I also picked up a surprise for an mutual plant addict that I know. Everyone have a great weekend.


Elise said...

Your garden is way ahead of mine. do you grill Zucchini on the outside Grill? I've never attempted that before.

gerry said...

Yes, it is great. Just a little olive oil and herbs and you are ready to go. It is a regular in our summer menu.

Margaret said...

What is a garlic scape?

Cool bugs.

gerry said...

It grows out of the top of a hardneck garlic. It has to be cut off or it inhibits the full growth of the bubl. It looks kinda like a small spring onion. The onion part is opened a small garlic paticles come out. Marda says it adds pop to your dishes and she is right. Some people cut up the greens but i find them tough.

Jessica said...

We used to have a place by us called the Herb Barn. It closed up a few years ago. I miss the place. They even had a resturant in the farm house and made the food from all the different Herbs that they grew. I loved the mint rasberry tea!

Your Herb place looks a lot like it.

Extreme Gardener said...

I enjoyed the garden pics. Your garden looks healthy and pleasant. My Oklahoma garden is just now producing zucchinis this week!