Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The clematis has finally bloomed.
A new addition for the pond.
A new jack for the dogs. It is their favorite toy. All three can get a piece at the same time.
I found a statue for Alex's garden.

I am just thankful for the day. Started out playing with the dogs in the backyard. Enjoyed the gardens. Work was good. Margaret and I made a food run to Panera midday for the crew. My husband and daughter and I went out to dinner. It's always a good day when you don't have any dishes to do. After dinner, my husband and I put together some new tomato cages. The ones we have used the last couple of years haven't worked-- just too many fruit to hold up. The only bad news is that the Orioles lost.


Ben said...

We're finally on the same schedule with something back east. Our clematis is also blooming and growing like crazy.

gerry said...

Every year I wait and wait and all I get is green. Then it overcomes the porch, I cut it back, and it blooms.