Thursday, June 19, 2008


My daughter and I decided to take a trip down to the yard--Camden Yard where our beloved Orioles play baseball. There is such an excitement in the air this year. They are not expected to do anything this year. But the young players are fun to watch. They never give up and you can see that they love the game. Their manager, Trembley, is a perfect match for these kids. It was perfect weather and a delightful night. They came away with another victory. Swept the Houston Astros. It was so much sweeter since Tejada plays for the Astros. He was a trouble maker here. A lot of boos were heard around the ballpark when he came up to bat.
Speaking of Tejada's bat--look closely. What is holding up his bat? He fouled off a pitch and set the bat in this position. I have never seen this on the field before. A couple of minutes later he came and picked it up and went back to the plate.
The new scoreboard looks nice. But we don't like the hotel additions to the skyline. They are building a Hilton and it now blocks the view.
Bases are loaded. Everywhere you look there is an Oriole.
A wonderful night was had by all! Except the Astros.

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